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Services Summary

Online Registration Solutions

Attendee Management Tools

Email Marketing

Lead Retrieval

Onsite Support

Name Badge Development and Printing

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Feature Summary

Custom Event Website & Registration Forms

Multi-Lingual Website & Event Registration Forms

Attendee and Companion Registrations

Accommodation and Travel Booking Tools

Optional Activity Preferences or Activity Bookings

Full Event Reporting Suite

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Event Registration Solutions for Meetings and Incentive Travel

Events Driven offers complete online event registration solutions for the meetings and incentive travel industry using the latest web-based technologies.

At Events Driven we offer a robust online application that reduces your workload and lowers your event costs. Our dedicated staff will work closely with your events team to build a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that fulfills your event registration needs. Our user-friendly technology will enable your team to manage all of your event's registrations efficiently and effectively, saving you hours of administration time.

Do-it-yourself event registration tools have limited capabilities and can be too technical for some event organizers.
Do it right the first time! Contact Events Driven to build your event's website and registration forms and streamline your event processes from start to finish.

From managing your events logistics and operations, to controlling meeting spend, and increasing engagement with attendees – Events Driven will help you design and execute an event never to be forgotten!

Solutions that ensure your events success.

Online Registration Solutions
Events Driven will build a customized online registration solution for your event based on your event's requirements. Customized solutions include a branded website and registration forms, with all the custom fields and custom business rules applicable to your event.

Attendee Management Tools
The administration website will equip your staff with the proper tools and reporting needed to successfully manage your events. If there is a new feature, functionality, or report you would like incorporated into your customized platform, please contact us. At Events Driven, we ensure to provide you with 360 degree event registration solutions.

Email Marketing
Events Driven will customize your event's email marketing to match your organization's branding. We will design and deploy your event's email campaigns and send scheduled dates and times to send invitations, email confirmations and reminder notifications. This cost-effective solution will ensure you target the right people at the right time.

Lead Retrieval
Track your attendees on the trade show floor or sessions by using our Lead Retrieval solution. Our 1D and 2D bar code scanners can be used by your exhibitors to scan leads on the trade show floor or have your event staff scan attendees as they enter a session.

Onsite Support
Streamlining the onsite process is key to achieving more attendees at any event. At Events Driven, our team has successfully managed onsite operations of hundreds of events, ranging from 500 - 20,000 attendees. We will take care of the set-up and technical support of your event's onsite registration terminals, kiosks and printers.

Web Design
Incorporate your corporate branding into your event's website, online registration forms, and email campaign templates. Events Driven will ensure your event's website and registration forms are cross browser compatible. We can optimize your event's website and registration forms to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6.

Graphic Design
Incorporate your event's theme and branding into all your print and marketing materials. Events Driven can design all: print materials for your event including name badges, event signage, luggage tags, itinerary booklets, leave at home card and brochures.

Name Badge & Signage Printing
Events Driven can take care of all your event's printing needs. No need to shop around for a graphic designer and a printing company, Events Driven is your one-stop-shop for name badge printing and signage printing.

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Event Website & Online Registration Forms

Event Driven’s event registration solutions are easy, quick and comprehensive for both event organizers and attendees.

Custom Event Website & Online Registration Forms

Events Driven works closely with you to ensure that we provide you with a fully customized event website, online event registration form(s) that meet your event's requirements including aligning with your corporate branding and deepen your engagement with attendees. Our team will train and manage your staff, distribute event information and provide you with ad-hoc and real-time reporting to ensure a stress free attendee experience. Keep your registration data organized and quickly recover attendee information before, during and after your events with our complete event reporting suite.

Template Based Registration Forms

At Events Driven, we build registration form templates which can be used for future events. These templates offer a cost-effective solution for events that repeat quarterly or annually.

Multi-Lingual Event Website & Online Registration Forms

Connect with your attendees in any language. Events Driven provides the functionality to offer multi-lingual event website and online registration forms. We just need you to take care of the translations for us and we will take care of the rest. All your event and attendee information will be stored in one-central database. Manage your events in less time, and reduce your cost with this feature.

Accommodation Related Information

Get immediate insight into your attendees accommodation needs prior to the event. Collect your attendee's accommodation requests online and convert them in real-time bookings. Our accommodation reports will provide you and your hotel the necessary information they need to manage your hotel attritions.

Travel Related Information

Collect your attendee's travel requests online and book their travel arrangements quickly and efficiently no matter what mode of transportation. Whether attendees are flying, taking the train or driving to your next event, easily keep track of how and when your attendees will be arriving and departing your event.

Optional Activities Preferences or Bookings

Customize your event registration form to either request for your attendee's activity preferences or have them sign-up directly for the activities available. Either option is available for your events including applying maximum capacities to your activities.

Companion Registration

Some corporate and incentive events allow attendees to bring one or more companions or spouses to an event. Events Driven gives you the flexibility to allow zero to as many companion registrations your event permits.

Event Reporting Suite

  • Attendee & Companion Registration Summary & Detail Reports
  • Optional Activity Summary & Detail Report
  • Complete Accommodation Booking Reports
  • Complete Travel Request & Booking Reports
  • Group Assignment Report
  • Miscellaneous Event Reports

We will work with you to create any custom reports required for your event!

Accommodation Bookings

Turn your attendee accommodations into hotel bookings instantly! We’ve made it easy for you to set-up and manage the accommodations for your event. With Events Driven, reduce the time in handling accommodation bookings. Simply take your attendees' accommodation preferences and turn them into hotel bookings by using the Hotel Booking module.

Set up your Event Hotels

One of the powerful features within Events Driven is the ability to set up your event's accommodations directly within the application. This feature gives you full control of managing all your event's hotels.

Hotel Room Blocks

Once you've set up your hotel, easily set up the room block(s) along with its capacities per night. Streamline the process of coordinating with hotel staff. Add the convenience of managing your room blocks in one-central online system.

Book Attendees into Hotels

After your event hotels have been arranged, Events Driven gives you the tools to start booking your attendees into the applicable hotel(s) whether you are booking them into the main group hotel, pre-night or post-night hotels.

Managing your Hotel Attritions

You can closely monitor how your hotel attritions are doing throughout your event by using our complete list of accommodation reports. Closer to your event, you can provide your hotel(s) with rooming lists, room block summary reports and a hotel change report. We do our best to streamline your event processes within Events Driven.

Travel Bookings

Book Air, Train or Driving Travel Itinerary

The travel booking feature works hand in hand with the accommodation booking tool. Once you're designated travel agent has booked your attendee's travel, enter their travel itinerary such as all within the Events Driven platform.

Import your Attendee's Travel Bookings

Save time and money from manually data entering all the travel bookings by importing all your attendee's travel bookings by just a click of a button. From small to larger events, you have an option to manually enter each travel booking into Events Driven or take advantage of our travel booking import tool.

Note: We are also working on integrating Events Driven with one of the major GDS applications.

Manage your Attendee Transfers

The Events Driven standard travel reports can assist you with arranging the transfers for your attendees to and from their home city. Our travel reports provide you with the necessary information you need to properly arrange all the transportation for your event.

Optional Activity Booking Tools

Collect Activity Preferences

Our Optional Activities feature enables you to set-up your registration form(s) to collect your attendee's activity preferences and provides your event team more visibility on which activities your attendees prefer to participate in. Easily assign your attendees into their confirmed activities based on one of one of their preferences within Events Driven. Your event staff have more control in managing the activity's capacities.

Optional Activity Bookings

Events Driven software provides an option within the registration form, to allow your attendees to sign-up for an activity of their choice. Why worry about your activities being overbooked? At Events Driven, we can apply the maximum capacities to your activities within the registration form, avoiding conflicts that could potentially be problematic to your event.

Table Seating, Golf Foursomes & Activity Schedule Assignments

Remember the daunting and tedious task of using a spread sheet to keep track of your gala table seating or golf tournament teams? It’s time to say good-bye to your Excel spread sheets! Using Events Driven robust online event management tools, easily assign your attendees into table seating, golf foursomes and activity schedules with just a few clicks. No more counting and colour highlighting different cells in Excel to differentiate your attendee groups. With Events Driven software you can improve your data accuracy and manage your registration more efficiently.

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About Us

Events Driven is a full-service event technology solutions company specializing in meetings and incentive travel events. By utilizing our event management software, we provide you with services and tools to manage your event. Our services include: developing customizable event website and registration forms, multi-lingual support, a complete history of your attendee records, email marketing, travel bookings, hotel bookings, activity bookings, activity scheduling table assignments, golf foursome assignments, lead retrieval, badge printing and many more.

We work closely with you to design your event's website and registration forms that accurately represent your brand. At Events Driven we provide you with powerful tools to streamline your event tasks and processes, and provide you with real-time metrics and reporting to ensure you have full-visibility of your events. We do all the heavy lifting, connecting your registration process to your event.

Events Driven will work with your event requirements to provide you with a fully customized event website and registration solutions that fit your needs. Our user-friendly event-management software enables you to easily manage your event's registrations, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, and allowing you to focus and manage other demanding priorities of your event. We ensure that no detail is overlooked so you don’t have to.

The Company

Events Driven was founded by Randy Esguerra. Randy has over 11 years of event registration experience, managing the development of event websites and online event registration forms for hundreds of corporate meetings, incentive travel, tradeshows and conferences. Throughout these years, Randy realized that the different event management web applications available are not perfect and they each had their own pros and cons. Based on the frustrations of clients who tried to manage their events using spread sheets, high-priced custom registration software and "Do-It-Yourself" event management systems, Randy decided to build his own system. He integrated all the best features his clients requested into one robust event management system. This new system, Events Driven, enables event organizers to streamline their day-to-day event registration tasks, cutting down on their resource time, reducing costs and eliminating manual and redundant tasks. Randy's comprehensive and robust event management solution Events Driven has become a trusted event management solution for meetings and incentive travel events.

Maximize your event's return-on-investment and get more attendees for your next event with Events Driven, your Meetings and Incentive Travel Technology Solutions provider.

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